Severe weather can hit when you least expect it, so it’s important to stay on top of your roof’s condition in case of any damage. An unnoticed leak or hole could lead to heavy costs for both the exterior and interior of your home. Even if you think the damage is small enough to get by, it’s best not to leave them unfixed in case they worsen over time. When examining your roof for damage, follow these tips:

• Check the interior first. Go into your attic and look for leaks or water damage.
• Walk the area around your house to see if you can spot shingles or other materials from the exterior of your home on the ground.
• Look for any tree branches that have fallen on your roof or rolled off nearby.
• Curled or jutting shingles that are not laying down flat could be a sign of holes.
• Noticeable dips or indents in the shingles or on your siding could be a result of heavy hail.
• Ask a neighbor if they have a better view of your roof if you suspect more damage but can’t see it.

Assessing the damage before will help when contacting our roofing professionals, but we can ensure nothing is missed while evaluating your roof. If you’re in the North Metro, give Robinson Construction a call if you fear storm damage has affected the exterior of your home.