As a homeowner, you might notice how Minnesota winters can take a toll on your home. The cold will try to creep in through cracks in the doors, the pipes can freeze if there’s not enough water moving through them, and the windows can ice up if they’re not properly insulated. Some people might forget about the importance of windows during this season, but they could be a large part in why your heating bill is higher than you’d like. You should look out for these signs that signal when windows are due for a replacement.

  1. The windows are icing up. If you notice ice forming on the windows, both inside and out, then that means there’s condensation gathering. When the ice forms on the inside and can’t be wiped away, the culprit is most likely poor insulation. Moisture has gotten through the improper insulation and then froze due to the cold temperature. Often times, the panes icing up could also be the result of too much moisture in the air of your home. If you start running a humidifier, for instance, you might notice the ice on your windows increasing.
  2. There’s a draft getting through. When you can feel cold air blowing around your windows, you’re definitely in need of a replacement. To some homeowners, the resulting icy panes or lowered temps by the windows are not a big deal. However, it can become a big issue for your wallet once you notice your energy bill start to go up. Hiring professionals to replace your windows and install proper insulation could save you money in the long-run.

Overall, these issues tend to overlap, and often mean that if you have a draft, then iced windows could be next. This is why it’s so important to recognize both of the signs to know when it’s time for a window replacement that can save you money and keep you comfortable in the winter.

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