Usually people think of summer as the season to look out for your roof and siding because of hail storms. However, there’s weather conditions year-round that can threaten your home’s condition, so it’s best to be prepared for all the elements by knowing how winter can negatively affect your roofing and siding. Here are the three main aspects to look out for:


A storm that brings a lot of heavy snow can cause many issues for your home. While not as common, if the roof is old and not well maintained, a staggering amount of snow piled up on the roof could cause a cave-in if the foundation is compromised. Shingles that aren’t well placed or are missing some pieces can let melting snow go through the cracks and cause water damage inside. If you can, try to clear heavy snow from your roof with a snow rake. It also helps prevent ice dams.


No matter the season, wind can be dangerous for homes and people alike. Roof shingles and siding are in danger of being ripped up, but the biggest danger is from falling objects. A fallen tree branch, depending on the size and weight, can drastically damage your home. If it falls on your roof, it can rip up shingles and expose the base to the elements or even crash into your attic if it’s heavy enough.


This one can be more of a long game damage as temperatures fluctuate during the winter. As snow melts on your roof, and your attic may be suffering from inadequate ventilation, ice starts to form at the edge of your roof. These are called ice dams, and they can cause an extensive amount of damage depending on the situation. A long-term solution to this involves investing in your ventilation and insulation issues. You can also push snow off your roof with a snow rake, but that’s only a short-term solution.

No matter the season, it’s important to keep an eye on your home’s condition. The roof and siding keep your family safe and warm, so you have to maintain it year-round. If there’s been damage done to your home this winter, contact the storm restoration experts at Robinson Construction for help.