It’s been a rough winter of heavy snow plus dangerously low temps, and now we’re dealing with a spring filled with flooding. Unfortunately, we haven’t even reached the tornado/hail/thunderstorm season, so there’s still a lot more weather your home has to get through. Is it ready? Before anything, ensuring your siding and roofing are in the right condition to handle the storms will help you get through the late spring and summer season.

And, when it comes to Minnesota and damaging weather, we have the full spectrum. Our specialists have experienced it all in our more than 20 years of storm damage restoration: hail, wind, rain, and debris damage on all parts of the home.

When you’re doing an initial check of your property after a storm, look for marks, dents, missing pieces, cracks, or other damage. It’s harder to see your roof, so it’s best to call an expert to inspect the damage as soon as you can after the storm event.

If your home did suffer significant damage after a storm, we can help you move forward with insurance and repairs. Our specialists are aware of the common damage that occurs after a big storm and where it might affect your home so you can get the most out of your claim. Typically, there’s a two-year window in which a homeowner can submit a storm damage claim; if the damage is minimal enough to make it through the worst of the season, then you can wait to see if more bad weather comes along. Or, if you aren’t sure, we can still come out for an inspection just to be safe.

Once inspections and claims have been made, we will work with you to find the best siding and/or roofing for your budget. We work with all types of roofing and siding materials, and we also take jobs with single-family or multi-family homes; commercial or industrial buildings.

If a storm got the best of your property, Robinson Construction will help your home or business get back to a pre-event condition. Give us a call if you’re in the Twin Cities area!