Springtime in Minnesota means storm season is approaching. Unkempt trees can pose a risk to your home if they are not addressed before a storm hits. If heavy winds or rain are in the forecast, there are a few things you can do beforehand to prevent roof damage:

  • Check tree health. Unhealthy trees can be unstable and at risk of falling on your roof. Some symptoms to look for: splitting trunk, fungus, rotting branches, leaning, missing leaves, peeling bark, swollen spots, and discolored leaves. If you are unsure, refer to an arborist to determine if the suspected tree can be salvaged.
  • Trim the tree. If your tree has any dead branches or if the branches have grown too close in proximity to your home’s roof, trim them back. Otherwise, heavy wind and rain may pull them loose and damage your roof.
  • Clear downspouts and gutters. Leaves and debris can cause your gutters to become clogged in the event of a rainstorm. This prevents your roof from draining properly and can eventually lead to granule loss from your shingles. Missing granules make your roof weaker and more susceptible to damage.
  • Clear your rooftop. If safe to do so, gently brush any leaves or natural debris from the shingles. This allows rainwater to drain more effectively.

Proper tree maintenance is an important step in preventing storm damage to your home. However, our wild Midwest weather can result in some intense storms. At Robinson Construction Inc., our storm damage restoration specialists are trained in helping you recover from a storm event. Need a new roof? Give us a call.