Whether you need roofing services due to storm damage, old age, or remodeling, getting your roof re-done takes an expert with all the right credentials. Just like any other investment, it’s also important to do some research beforehand and ask around for the best contractors in your area. It’s not all up to word-of-mouth, however—there’s also some key things to think about before signing with a contractor. To ensure you choose a qualified roofing expert, we have a few tips to follow:

  • Ask for local referrals. See who your neighbors, family, or groups have used for their roofing. Buying from a local contractor help ensure you can reach them again if something should go wrong with your roof in the future.
  • Check that the contractor has worker’s compensation and liability insurance to cover any incidents. Ask to see their certificates! If they are not properly insured, you (as the homeowner) could be responsible for any injuries that happen while working on your home.
  • Check for proper licensing. Do your research and make sure they show you their qualifications. Just because they seem nice when they knock on your door after a large storm event, doesn’t mean you can trust them.
  • Review the contract. The right roofing company will be happy to sit down and explain any questions you may have about the contract and warranties.
  • Ask the roofing company for testimonials or examples of their work. Then you can see first-hand how well they work.


When researching on your own, look for companies that have long-term industry experience and offer a variety of roofing options. For example, Robinson Construction has over 20 years in the roof restoration and replacement business and are trained in a variety of roof types: composite and asphalt singles, flat roofing, wood shake, and more. Give us a call to see if we’re the right fit for your roofing needs.