Minnesota has already seen multiple extreme storms this summer, which means some homeowners have had to deal with damage to their home and what follows. If you’re dealing with a fallen tree, or your siding looks like our featured photo, it’s easy to see you need to call your insurance company and a storm damage repair specialist. However, some storm damage isn’t so easy to see. Hail damage to a roof is not only inconvenient to inspect, it’s also not a simple process to determine if you have enough hail damage to warrant an insurance claim. It’s in these cases when it’s important to call a roofing expert. Typically, there’s a two-year window in which a homeowner can submit a storm damage claim, but it’s recommended to get it filed sooner rather than later.

So, what’s next after a storm rolls through and damages your home? We recommend these steps:

  • Check the perimeter of your home after the storm has completely passed. If you see a lot of debris, there’s a good chance some of it hit your roof/siding and could have damaged it.
  • Take photos or video of the damage so you have it on record.
  • Check with your insurance provider on what your policy covers before making the claim. Typically, storm damage includes wind, hail, and lightning. Flooding is not automatically covered on most policies and requires a special rider for coverage.
  • Once you have all the damage accounted for, contact your insurance to officially file the claim. Our experts can be on hand to walk with your insurance adjuster to ensure they see all the damage to your roof.

After working with insurance to help pay for the damage done to your home, you have a right to choose the contractor you want to work on the repairs. Robinson Construction has been in the industry for over 20 years and can help you evaluate the damage done to your home while also helping file the insurance claim. Give us a call to get connected with experienced, local storm damage specialists.