As the weather starts to warm, Minnesotans should begin to prepare for summer storms; aka heavy rain, wind gusts, and hail. All of these can present a threat to the integrity of your home’s exterior, especially if you’ve left damage from last year. Whatever the state of your current roof and siding, be prepared for storm season with these tips:

Clean your gutters and drain spouts.

Storms often bring heavy rain and that rain can threaten to flood your home if you aren’t prepared. Make sure your gutters are in good condition, cleared of debris, and the drain spouts are properly placed to drain away from your home. These will help direct rainwater away from the foundation so you can hopefully avoid water getting through to your basement. Sinking holes around the foundation can also collect rainwater, so try to fill those in with compacted soil or use a sandbag.

Trim branches.

A lot of the larger exterior damage on your home occurs from flying debris. Branches, if left untended, will extend over your home and be more likely to drop on it if a strong wind passes through. Branches hanging over and touching your roof will continually rub against your shingles degrading them. Depending on the size of the branches, they can cause minimal or extensive damage. Also, if you have a dead tree that’s close to your home, you should remove it. A dead tree might have decay, which makes it easier for a storm to push it over potentially onto your home.

Prepare your roof.

If your roof is 20 years or older, than you want a professional roofing expert to examine it whether or not a storm has passed through recently. Your roof starts to deteriorate depending on the extent of damage from previous weather and also just naturally from age. This means that it will be more susceptible to damage from wind or hail when that storm event finally happens.

After the storm, you should take a moment to observe your yard. Is there a lot of debris? Did you hear or see hail during the storm? Can you see shingles on your lawn or missing shingles when you look up at your roof? Are there holes in your siding? These are clear signs that your roof and siding have sustained hail damage during the storm, and you should have a storm restoration expert come out to inspect it.

Robinson Construction Inc. specializes in storm damage restoration. We can perform an expert roof inspection, recommend the next steps, help figure out insurance, and provide expert construction services. We hope you and your family stay safe during this upcoming storm season.