Fall is officially here! Whether you will be missing the warm weather that we had this summer or are anxiously awaiting the cold and snow, you need to help your home transition from one season to the next. Here are some great ways to prepare your house for winter and avoid large (and expensive) damage come spring.

Clean your gutters

Cleaning out your gutters at the end of fall will help save you money come springtime. Clogged gutters can help to cause ice dams, which is when snow melt that is unable to drain properly refreezes and blocks more water from escaping. When that happens, the water is forced up and under the shingles where it compromises the integrity of your roof.

Trim tree branches

If summer storms have damaged trees, get them cut down. Damaged branches and trees that are hanging over your home could become too heavy with snow and ice and fall over. Not only will this help protect your home in the winter, your yard will look great when springtime comes.

Additionally, overgrown trees that are touching your roof will cause damage over time. As the wind blows, the branches continually rub your shingles. This process removes the important grains in the shingle that add to its integrity.

Replace damaged windows

Look over your windows for summer storm damage. If hail hit in your area, there could be cracks to your windows or exterior window trim. These cracks will let cold air into your home and increase your energy bill. Snow melt can also get into the cracks, freeze, and cause more interior damage that can sometimes be hard to spot until it is too late.

Get your roof inspected

Last but certainly not least, get your roof inspected by professionals. A roof that has been damaged by a summer storm needs to be fixed. Often your homeowners insurance will bear the brunt of this cost, but you need to report the damage in a timely way. There is a time limit in most policies stating the damage needs to be reported within one year of the storm event.

It isn’t too late to get summer storm damage fixed before winter. If you think you have summer storm damage that needs to be repaired, call Robinson Construction for an inspection today.